I've Been Writing as Long as I Can Remember. The Following is Some of My Work.

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My Books on Amazon

I currently have 6 publications on Amazon.com. Five cover marketing topics and one is about Tattoos. Two of the marketing books were Amazon best-sellers when they were first released.

Reports, Guides and Lead Magnets I've Written

I suspect I've written close to 200 different types of short reports, whitepapers, checklists and other lead magnets. Here is a sampling of those that I could track down.

Blog Posts, Advice and Travel Stories

I rarely write anything that doesn't have some sort of a point to it. Usually, that point is to promote a product, offer advice or simply just to remember life lessons as I am hit by them.

Copywriting and Pre-Sell Pages

I don't consider myself a copywriter per se but I am constantly being told that I write compelling copy. I write all of my own sales pages, video scripts and pre-sell pages.