How I Keep Busy, Generate Revenue and Constantly Improve My Marketing Skills.

I write and design all of my own web sites, lead magnets and sales copy. The majority of these projects are completely automated or outsourced.

DFY Email Marketing

This is a simple but powerful B2C lead generation service in which customers can get virtually unlimited B2C email opt-in leads each at a price less than what their competitors would normally be paying per click through paid ads. This business is 95% automated with each account requiring approximately 20 minutes of my time to set-up.

Skills utilized:

Web design, copywriting, email marketing, B2B marketing to land customers, B2C marketing to fulfill service, outsourcing, lead magnet creation and distribution

Simplified ERTC

The Employee Retention Tax Credit is a program that the U.S. government offers to compensate businesses that continued to employ staff during the pandemic. At it's heart, this is an affiliate business but I expanded it to become so much more. It is now 100% automated.

Skills utilized:

Web design, B2B marketing, media buying (Google ads, Facebook ads, Craigslist ads), copywriting, video creation, outsourcing, lead magnet creation and distribution, affiliate marketing, email marketing, association marketing

The Ideal Gig

As I was permitted to recruit and compensate affiliates to promote Simplified ERTC, the Ideal Gig was the brand I created and the approach I took to do so. As far as I am aware, no other partner went to this length to allow others to promote this exclusive program. The accounting firm fulfilling the services takes forever to close deals and pay. I felt this wasn't fair to the affiliates so I paused this program.

Skills utilized:

Web design, copywriting, email marketing, media buying (Craigslist ads), telephone sales, affiliate management, lead magnet creation and distribution

Content Marketing Advantage

A simple site through which I sell content writing services. I will still write on topics I find interesting but 90% of the fulfillment of this work is outsourced.

Skills utilized:

Web design, copywriting, B2B marketing, content writing, email marketing, lead magnet creation and distribution 

Arbonne International

Believe it or not, I am a consultant for Arbonne International. I believed there was an opportunity to promote beauty products through paid ads and it turns out I was right. This is a 100% automated revenue stream through which I get over 15X Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

Skills utilized:

Keyword research, Google ads management, email marketing

DFY Clips

A simple site through which I offer highly-effective video ads for social media marketers. The fulfillment of the service is 100% outsourced but I still need to find a better way of streamlining the sales process and on-boarding customers. Until then, I am not actively promoting this service.

Skills utilized:

Web design, copywriting, video marketing, social media advertising, outsourcing, B2B marketing, Craigslist ads, video script writing.

Depression Replacement Method

A B2C lead generation business through which I am promoting a guide I wrote to overcome depression without drugs or counseling. Revenue is generated through the promotion of affiliate products through email marketing. This business is 100% automated.

Skills utilized:

Web design, copywriting, content writing, keyword research, Google ads, B2C lead generation email marketing, e-book writing and promotion

More Deck Sales

I've known forever that I should specialize in a niche and this was my attempt to do so with deck builders. I built an Instagram account @deckfanatic to nearly 800 followers (all deck builders) through which I could promote marketing services. The strategy was effective but I eventually discovered that I did not like working with deck builders. My website is no longer active but the Instagram account is still there.

Skills utilized:

Web design, Instagram marketing, Google ads, Facebook and Instagram ads, video creation, graphic design, telephone sales, niche marketing, outsourcing

Do Right Sites

I love the idea of making the world a better place while employing people and generating profits. Do Right Sites is an umbrella site through which I built Shopify stores with a philanthropic slant. The most promising store was Arriving Angels which sold personalized jewelry for new mothers and raised money for a tree-planting NPO. This project was put on-hold when Facebook blocked my ads account. 

Skills utilized:

Web design, copywriting, Shopify design, selling ecommerce products, Facebook and Instagram paid ads

Answers Den

A high-authority blog that I primarily utilize for hosting promotional (pre-selling) blog posts for affiliate products to which I cannot run paid ads directly. This is where I am able to quickly test different ideas to see if they are viable.

Skills utilized:

Advertorial writing, writing pre-sell posts, media buying (Google ads mostly), affiliate marketing

Rank and Rent Sites

I began my freelancing career offering SEO services to clients. While I still do that occasionally, this skill-set evolved into my building a network of sites designed to rank on Google and then rent out to clients. I currently own 9 sites in the landscaping and replacement window niches. While still relatively new, these sites are now 100% automated.

Skills utilized:

Web design, keyword research, local SEO, link building

When I first went to Sao Paulo, Brazil I was teaching English. Once I learned Portuguese well enough, I started my own school. It grew to 11 teachers and over 100 students before I exited it in 2005.

Skills utilized:

Sales, employee hiring and management, PPC advertising, teaching.