Some of the Dozens of Guides and Lead Magnets I've Produced.

If you're a prospective client or employer, contact me to get access to any of these without having to opt-in or buy them.

Explosive Lead Generation

A short guide outlining how to leverage the DFY Email Marketing system. It has been setup in a manner that makes testing the system an easy decision.

It also allows partners and affiliates to brand it as their own and to add their affiliate links to it.

Simplified ERTC

A series of short guides I wrote to explain and promote the Employee Retention Tax Credit program offered by the U.S. government.

I allow partners and affiliates to brand the main guide (shown here) as their own and add their tracking links to it.

ERTC Frequently Asked Questions

A short guide to answer all the FAQs related to the ERTC program. 

The ERTC and the PPP

Answering the most prevalent questions when it comes to the ERTC and how it may or may not affect a business that may have already participated in the PPP.

The ERTC and Owner Wages

Answering the most prevalent questions when it comes to the ERTC and how it may or may not affect the wages earned by a business owner.

The Ideal Gig

A short guide written for prospective partners of the ERTC program. It outlines how the ERTC program works, the benefits or promoting it, the compensation plan and the revenue potential.

Depression Replacement Method

My guide to overcoming depression without the use of drugs or therapy. Used to build a list through which to sell affiliate offers.

Content Marketing Checklist

A lead magnet to help content marketers cover all of the bases when it comes to planning, creating and distributing content in a consistent and effective manner.

Sell More Decks Through Instagram

A short guide written for Deck Builders outlining a simple method of building and growing a following on Instagram. Distributed primarily through my @Deckfanatic Instagram account

Website Setup Checklist for Deck Builders

I adapted a generic website checklist I had written in 2019 to speak to Deck Builders.

Simplified Lead Generation for Deck Builders

A short guide written for Deck Builders outlining some simple steps they could take to address the greatest concern most of them have - generating qualified leads for their business.

Used primarily to promote my marketing services.

PPC Setup Checklist

A checklist I give to prospective clients that may be struggling with setting up their Google search ads.

Get More Leads from Google

An extensive video e-book created to help local businesses generate more sales leads through Google organic (SEO) and paid search channels - including Youtube.

Fast Local Rankings

A short guide written to help business owners rank better in Google maps as well as within the organic Google listings for local businesses.

The Coronavirus Plan for Contractors

A short guide written for local contractors to help them take advantage of the unique opportunities that were occurring while the pandemic was going on.

Classic VW Bus Buyer's Guide

A guide I wrote for a friend that exports Volkswagen buses from Brazil. It outlines all the potential pitfalls buyers could avoid by using his services.

4 Steps to 8X Revenue

A short guide I wrote outlining a simple method of leveraging lead generation to think long-term and exponentially increase revenue.

Facebook Messenger for Automated Business Growth

A short guide outlining the benefits of using a chatbot on your website to generate more leads and improve the visitor experience.

Lead Generation for Tiny Home Builders

A short guide illustrating a step-by-step approach to help tiny home manufacturers generate more sales leads online.