I Take Great Pride in Writing Compelling Copy Without Resorting to Over-the-Top or Sleezy Sales Tactics

I leave the hard-core sales copy to the specialists but I do enjoy writing landing and presell pages as well as blog posts and advertorials that lead visitors to take certain actions.

DFY Email Marketing

I wrote the sales page for this site as well as the lead magnet and all of the promotional emails. I will also write the follow-up emails on a customer's behalf if they request this service.

Simplified ERTC

I wrote the sales page, all 5 lead magnets (short PDF guides), the Google and Craigslist ads, the video script and the email follow-up messages associated with this campaign.

The Ideal Gig

I wrote the landing page, two lead magnets (short PDF guides), the Craigslist ads and the follow-up emails.

Content Marketing Advantage

I wrote the sales page, the blog posts, the lead magnet (checklist), the prospecting emails and the follow-up emails sent via autoresponder.

Arbonne International

I only have control over the Google ads with this campaign but I get a CTR (click thru rate) of over 50% and a cost per click averaging 2 cents. Yes. These numbers are correct.

DFY Clips

I wrote the sales page, all the copy for the video samples, the video ads (Facebook and Instagram), the Craigslist ads to sell this service and the prospecting emails.

Depression Replacement Method

I wrote the landing (opt-in) page, the guide itself, the Google ads and the follow-up emails.

Answers Den

I write the blog posts which are mostly just pre-sell pages leading the visitor to take a specific action. Usually that is to purchase an affiliate product.

Do Right Sites

I wrote the landing page for this as well as all of the copy for the sites created under this brand. Those included Arriving Angels and Custom Laptop Cases among others.