Ready to Start Getting Real Results from Your Marketing Efforts? 

If generating traffic, leads or sales is challenging for your business, I probably have a reasonable solution for you.

Jeff ludy

Houston Window Experts

“Eric. So many people in your industry just grasp at straws trying to make something happen and they are always promising that results are right around the corner. It is refreshing to work with someone who is genuine and honest AND knows what they are doing!!!! Thanks for being a great partner in my success!”

What I Do, I Do Really Well.

Most of the clients I tend to work with want one thing.

Qualified In-Bound Prospects Contacting Them on a Regular Basis.

My clients are smart. They figure that if enough people understand what they do and pro-actively contact them on a regular basis, they know that a big part of their business problems will be solved.

I'm pretty smart too. I know that if I can generate such leads for them at a price that makes sense to both sides, my clients will never have any reason to leave me.

So creating, implementing and monitoring marketing systems that work is what I do best ... and I'm really good at it. My longest standing client has been with me for over a decade and he pays me on a pay-per-performance basis.

What You Can Expect During Our Call.

What I'll Do Before the Call

I'll review any information you've shared with me about your business as well as the objectives you want to achieve. I will be very well-prepared.

What Happens During the Call

We're going to discuss your business and share some options for helping you get what you want.

What Happens After the Call

You will have enough information to be able to implement what we discussed yourself. Alternatively, if you want me to help, I can do that too.

About Eric Haaranen

Two things you need to know about me. First, while most providers of marketing services use their clients as guinea pigs, I test all my ideas with my own money  before recommending anything to my clients.

Second, I believe that every successful business owner or high level marketing executive wants someone on their marketing team that they can truly trust. Someone that will always put their best interest first, that is focused on results and will not hesitate to share thoughts - even when it isn't what the boss wants to hear.

I'm that guy.

What Some Others Say About Me

Don't just take my word for it. Here are some comments from other entrepreneurs with whom I've worked (verifiable on Linkedin).

dallyce macas

CEO TUI International Travel

“During the time Eric spent working with our firm, we recognized an immediate increase in web presence, which translated to genuine sales opportunities. Eric manages to bring creative thinking together with an eye for return on investment to his projects. I would not hesitate to use his services again.”

richard highet

Owner Canadian Freight Quote

“You know, I receive about 2-3 per week unsolicited emails from supposed ‘top’ SEO companies that tell me my website isn’t ranking well, needs improvements, needs their SEO services and that they could do so much more for me, and yada, yada, yada. Eric, those emails go direct to trash. There is absolutely nobody besides Eric Haaranen that I would trust my SEO requirements to and that I would want to work with.”

CJ Johnson

Partner 3 Chix Realtors

“Eric's diverse capabilities are a sure-fire way to increase your SEO and marketing efforts. His vast experience is an asset to any business arena. Eric's ideas are creative and fresh...I will absolutely work with him again."

Let’s Start Getting You Better Marketing Results!