Something That Will Choke Up Any Pet Lover

I recently found myself in the far too common position of having to find a gift for someone that I didn’t know all that well and also seemed to have everything.

The only thing that I really knew for sure what that she loved her little dog, Tiny. Tiny was  a cute little Westie that she talked about constantly. She also posted a ton of pictures of Tiny on her Facebook page.

As I was running out of time and her birthday was approaching I happened to be on Fiverr getting some stuff for work done. Not sure how or why but I noticed that some artists do pet portraits.

“That would be perfect!” I thought and I clicked through to check out the various styles being offered.

Some of them were horrible but a few were really, really cool and I ordered one that I thought looked good.

You can see what the finished portrait looks like to the right.

Once her birthday came around, while everyone was posting the generic “Happy Birthday” on her wall, I posted a nice message along with this portrait.

It was a massive hit!

Tons of people kept asking me where I had gotten it made and they were thrilled to hear it the price was so cheap. I only paid $5 but there are other upgrades I could have gotten but didn’t.

As it was, my friend printed the portrait out and stuck it on her fridge. Rumor has it she also had it made into a mug but I haven’t see that yet.

So anyway, if you’re a pet lover or if you know someone that is and you feel like making the day a little brighter, I strongly recommend you check out this gig at Fiverr.com.  You’ll be glad you did.

Click Here to See Who Created this Portrait


The Effectiveness of Video Marketing

Video marketing is the art and science of getting videos to rank on the first page of the organic (natural) Google rankings. Google doesn’t always display videos within their listings but when they do it is a big GREEN LIGHT for you to post a video, optimize it and grab another spot on the first page – exactly as I did for the search term in my video.

The Power of Testimonials

Normally when I talk about customer testimonials and how important they are to any business, I’m speaking from the point of view of the customer. Social proof has always been a critical factor to any business’ success and one of the first things I recommend during any website design or revamp is to include testimonials – ideally video testimonials.

However, today I want to share a quick little story. A year or so ago I was contacted by a gentleman named Richard. Richard was a freight-forwarder in Western Canada and seemed to like my writing style.  He asked me for some advice to improve the performance of his website.

We ended up making a short animated video for his homepage, I wrote 5 or so new pages for his site and I set up a Google Adwords campaign for him. We also optimized the pages and changed his site structure to make it more search engine-friendly.

Unlike a couple of my major customers at the time, Richard was easy to work with and a pleasure to deal with. However, he didn’t have a lot of budget to throw at his site so that was the end of the work I did for him.

Last week, Richard’s business popped into my mind so I sent him a quick email to see how he was doing.  The response I received was overwhelming.

I haven’t received his permission to re-print his email here so I’ll summarize some of the key points:

  • His business is almost at capacity
  • About 20% of his business was new business whereas a year ago it was almost all previous customers
  • He attributes an additional $1,200 per month in revenue to the work we did on his site
  • “The great SEO work you did for us impacts my life everyday”


I will add that his site now ranks at #2 on Google Canada for his major search term “freight quote”.  That is amazing considering his up against some massive budgets and he is only second to FreightQuote.com which will always be tough to beat.

His email literally made my day.  I printed it out and it now hangs beside my goals and vision board. It reminds me that while a lot of people are jaded and cynical about online marketing (and especially SEO), what I do can help people.

Getting back to the power of testimonials, Richard asked me for a quote on further services. Of course, I quoted him less than 50% than what I would charge for the same services to someone coming to me for the the first time. AND I also know that I will do everything I’m able to ensure that the work I do for him will provide him with an outstanding ROI.

My point?  Appreciation really does go a long way. I’m usually pretty good at acknowledging my vendors for good service (but also pretty harsh for bad service) but Richard’s email did remind me that you can attract more squirrels with honey than you can with vinegar.

If we were on the set of Cheers, Woody would now say, “but you can attract even more squirrels with dead flies” but that is neither here nor there :)

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