I Always Thought That Being Able to Rank a Site at the Top of Google Would be Like a Super-Power.

It is still a great skill but there are too many bad actors tarnishing the industry to make it my focus.

Local SEO

I suspect I've built over 100 sites designed to rank for local search terms and I've probably worked with another 100 client sites.

My longest standing client is Houston Window Experts who pays me on a pay per performance basis. They've been with me for over a dozen years so I guess that says something.

I also build my own network of sites. One of those is HuntingtonBeachLandsapers.com which now ranks on the first page of Google for its 10 most important search terms.

National or Global SEO

While SEO is SEO, the approach taken when competing locally is very different than when taken with broader competition. I've never focused on this area specifically, but when I write longer articles and blog posts, I always include SEO best practices.

This often includes proper keyword research, keyword density, plagiarism checks and double-checking the content against Surfer SEO or any other apt on-page SEO checker.