Sample Virtual Tour

This is a very basic virtual tour containing a few hotspots. The idea is to simply give you an idea of what virtual tours look like and what features are possible when creating them. The initial Subscribe form can be turned off if you don't want to collect leads through your tour.

See below the tour for a list of the hotspots that we can currently add.

Types of Hotspots Available:

  • Info - Simple text used to describe something that may not be obvious
  • url - Link to any page you want
  • File - Allow visitor to download price list, specs, etc.
  • Contact - Allow visitor to email you from the tour
  • Video - Visitor can view video about the feature
  • Image - Visitor can view more detailed image of the feature
  • Audio - Visitor can hear soundbite or narration
  • HTML - You can add any html that makes sense
  • Goto - Allow visitor to jump to another scene of the tour (this tour only has one scene)