Online Sales Funnel Profit Calculator

Thinking about building a funnel but not sure if it is worth the time and effort? Trying to determine the best price for your products, order bumps and upsells? If so, this calculator is for you.

This calculator makes the following assumptions:

  • Your funnel can consist of a front-end product, an order bump and two upsell offers.
  • All visitors will see your front-end offer and your order bump
  • All buyers of your front-end offer will see both upsells
  • Set your selling price to $0 if you don't offer an order bump or one or both upsells

See below the calculator for additional tips on using this calculator to determine the best starting prices to test your products.

This calculator will help you determine the value in building a funnel or investing in funnel-building software. Within your results note the profitability of selling just your front-end product vs the profitability of the funnel as a whole and you'll see why funnels are so effective.

To determine my best starting price to test, I like to run the calculator multiple times. Each time I change the price of my front-end offer and the corresponding conversion rate noting the total value of my funnel. I do this a few times to determine the winning combination.

I still need to test to get real-world numbers but the above approach will give me my best place to start potentially saving me a lot of time, money and frustration.