Congrats! You Made It!

There are two reasons that I had you connect with me on LinkedIn in order to see this system:

1. So you could go through the simple steps of this method yourself and

2. So you could see how effective this actually is. I mean you're here, right?

An Overview of the System

You ended up on this page in only one of two ways. I sent you a LinkedIn connection request and you accepted it or you sent me a connection request and I accepted it.

Either way, once we were connected you received a personalized video from me thanking you for connecting, offering to help you expand your network and suggesting that I had lead generation solutions in case you could use more sales leads.

Despite the fact that I have a head squarer than Fred Flintstone's and a slight speech impediment, you clicked through and here we are. Yabba Dabba Doo!!

Why This Works so Well

Apart from offering something that most business people would want (more sales leads), I think we can agree that the personalized welcome video appearing in your LinkedIn messages really made me stand out from most people on LinkedIn. 

Personalization is something that is drastically lacking in B2B marketing these days so it goes a long way when it is used.

It goes even further when it can be automated in a manner that doesn't make it seem robotic.  

So the personalized video really is a major component but it isn't the only one.

How This All Works so It can Be Automated and Scaled

I am using three different software solutions to make this happen in a completely automated fashion. All are integrated so they work together seamlessly.

I use LinkedIn's Sales Navigator to find prospective contacts that I believe can truly benefit from my services.

I use Skylead to automatically visit profiles, send out connection requests and send out follow-up messages automatically. Skylead also has a cool hack that allows you to get around LinkedIn's limit of sending only sending out 100 connection requests per week.

Finally, I use Sendspark to host the videos and add the personalization when they're being sent out. I'm also testing personalized video email at scale with DFY Email Marketing which is my B2C lead generation solution. That is looking very promising as well.

All three software solutions do a LOT more than outlined above but for the purpose of B2B lead gen on LinkedIn, I haven't seen anything more effective.

Next Steps

The only downside to this approach is getting everything setup. It can be a little finicky if you're new to everything. Fortunately, both Skylead and Sendspark offer a free trial and outstanding customer service

That said, the links above are affiliate links and I will get a commission should you decide to buy through them.

If you do, send me your receipt through LinkedIn and I will help you with setting up your lead generation system should you feel you need it. 

Thanks for checking out this page and best of luck with your lead generation efforts.